18 Apr 2018
Call for Abstracts!

Please submit your abstracts here: Submit Abstracts.


Molecular Diagnostics

5 Apr 2018
Cornell Days Events

If you're visiting campus for Cornell Days and thinking about getting involved with research on campus, make sure to check out our Cornell Days events!

  • CURB Panel Discussion: These sessions feature a panel of CURB students discussing the opportunities for and benefits of conducting research as an undergraduate at Cornell, and how to get involved in research projects.
  • CURBx: Following the style of TEDx Talks, our undergraduate student presenters will share with you their research projects and experiences.

Check the calendar below for time and location!

26 May 2017
2017 Spring Forum Abstract Booklet

Is here: Abstract Booklet. Check out the exciting work of your peers!

Congratulations to the winners:

  • First place overall: Sarah Toner '19
  • Second place overall: Aditya Agashe '17
  • People's choice: Tamara Kahan '17

Category winners:

  • Behavioral & Ecological Biology I: Erin Krichilsky '18
  • Behavioral & Ecological Biology II: Sharnendra Sidhu '17
  • Chemistry & Physical Sciences: Anant Hariharan '18
  • Fiber Science & Design: Julia Miao '19 and Kathleen Miao '17
  • Molecular & Cell Biology I: Katherine Phillips '17
  • Molecular & Cell Biology II: Jeannine Whelan '17
  • Psychology & Social Sciences I: Julia Lesnick '18
  • Psychology & Social Sciences II: Daniel Stein '17
20 Oct 2016
Free Professional Headshots

Need a professional headshot for LinkedIn, applications, portfolios, and more? Cornell Undergraduate Research Board wants to help you best represent yourself with confidence and professionalism.

Stop by on Tuesday, October 25th 4-7PM in the Human Ecology Commons.